About Warren County Health Department
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The Warren County Health Department was formed by resolution of the Warren County Board on August 28, 2006. At the time, Warren County was only one of four counties in the state of Illinois without a health department. The Warren County Board realized the vital role a health department plays in a community. Demands for food safety, communicable disease surveillance, and emergency preparedness were some of the driving forces behind the formation of the health department. Each county health department is very unique, basing its programs and services on the health needs and priorities of the community it serves.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to enhance the health and safety of the community by promoting public health education and awareness, providing essential health services, and encouraging collaborative efforts throughout Warren County.
Jenna Link, BS, LEHP
Kira Schumm, LPN, BSW
Community Health Coordinator
Sabrina Cook, RN
WIC Coordinator
Lorna Cox
Administrative Assistant
Rebecca Ferrenburg, RN
WIC and Family Case Management Nurse
Leticia Valdez
WIC Clerk
Dave McDowell, BS, LEHP
Environmental Health

Why Invest in Public Health
  • Every $1 spent on prevention saves $5.60 in health spending.
  • Every $1 spent on childhood vaccinations saves $16.50 in future healthcare costs.
  • 75% of US health spending is on preventable chronic conditions-obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, but only 3 cents of every $1 spent on healthcare goes toward public health and prevention.
  • Services Offered
    Community Health
    • Health living education
    • Communicable disease surveillance
    • Immunizations
    • Smoke-Free Illinois
    • Lead case management and lead testing
    • TB skin testing
    • General wellness lab testing
    Environmental Health
    • Private septic system permits and inspections
    • Water and well permits/inspections/samples
    • Sewer and water evaluations for real estate transactions
    • Food service inspections
    • Tanning inspections
    • Tattoo inspections
    • West Nile surveillance
    Emergency Preparedness
    • Pandemic flu preparedness
    • SNS preparedness
    • All hazard planning