Community Health
Services and Information Available at the Warren County Health Department:
Vaccinations Price List of Adult (19 yrs and older) Immunizations
TD $34.00 per injection VIS
Tdap $48.00 per injection VIS
Hepatitis A $67.00 per injection VIS
Hepatitis B $60.00 per injection VIS
Varicella $99.00 per injection VIS
MMR $65.00 per injection VIS
TB Skin Test $20.00 per skin test
($25.00 for a 2 step)
Menactra $100.00 per injection VIS
HPV (Gardasil) $135.00 per injection VIS

*immunizations are given by appointment only
** the above prices are subject to change
The health department DOES NOT currently offer the Polio or the Shingles vaccine for adults.
Vaccine for Children Elgibility
Vaccines for children is a federally funded program that provides vaccines at no cost to children who might not otherwise be vaccinated because of inability to pay.

A child is eligible for the VFC Program if he or she is younger than 19 years of age AND is one of the following:
  • Medicaid (Medicaid will cover cost of vaccinations and be billed accordingly)
  • Uninsured (There will be a cost of $15 fee for each vaccination administered)
  • Underinsured [*] (There will be a cost of $15 fee for each vaccination administered)
  • American Indian or Alaska Native (No fee)
[*] Underinsured means the child has health insurance, but it
  • Doesn’t cover vaccines, or
  • Doesn’t cover certain vaccines, or
  • Covers vaccines but has a fixed dollar limit or cap for vaccines. Once that fixed dollar amount is reached, a child is then eligible.
Children's Health Education
Classes Offered
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Hand Washing Hygiene
  • Tobacco Prevention
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
TB Skin Test (Tuberculosis)
1-Step $15.00
2-Step $20.00

*Please call for an appointment
General Lab Testing
Lipid Panel (fasting) $40.00
Glucose (fasting) $20.00
Hemoglobin A1C $20.00
Thyroid Panel $85.00
Prostate Specific Antigen $70.00
Complete Blood Count (Diff/PLT) $50.00
Basic Metabolic Panel $55.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $60.00
CBC, CMP, and Lipid Panel $115.00
Lead Level (finger stick) $35.00

*Please call for an appointment
**The health department is unable to bill your insurance company at this time
and only accepts cash or check for payment.
STD Testing
Gonorrhea and Chlamydia (urine samples) $25.00

*Please call for an appointment
Treatment information will be given at the time of diagnosis, but is available through the Health Department.
Lead Poisoning
What is Lead Poisoning?
Lead poisoning is simply too much lead in the body. Lead is especially harmful to children younger than 6 years of age. Lead at any level in the body is not healthy and can damage the brain as it develops. This has also been linked to behavioral problems. The following link answers many common questions about lead and how to prevent lead poisoning in the home.

More information -

How can I tell if my home is lead free and safe for my family?
The health department will follow up with homes and families of children with increased levels of lead.

For a list of licensed inspectors from the state of Illinois, please click on the following link.

This is also a site that can answer many questions you may have about lead in the home.